Tuesday, 8 May 2012


My 16 year old son mason is currently under something called diaper discipline (DD).

His father and I have used DD on Mason throughout his life, usually for a month or two at a time time help curb his behaviour and keep his grades up but after a significant run in with the law, doing drugs and letting his grades slip, my husband and I decided to keep Mason in diapers, until graduating from high school.

Mason has been in diapers and under regression discipline for the past year and a half and still adjusting to what that all entails. His father and I have established general rules for him to follow, some of them are as follows:

  • Mason is expected to use his diapers for all intended purposes. His father or I will change him when we are able to or when we feel he needs it. He may not remove his own diapers at any time. 
  • His bed time is a 8 p.m. unless another arrangement has been made. Sometimes we allow him to stay up later if his behaviour has warranted it or other things keep us out later than his bed time. 
  • Only one hour of TV a day. Mason is to occupy himself with his toys and work on his school work throughout the day and keep busy with activities planned by the babysitter. 
  • Because Mason cannot be trusted to supervise himself without getting into trouble, he must be under supervision at all times by either a relative or a baby sitter. 

Because Mason is in diapers for an extended period of time, we tutor him at home. This means he is able to learn around our schedule and life and at his own pace successfully. He should be graduated high school and going into college in three more years.
  • Tutoring is to be done at the kitchen table with supervision. Homework is to be done in his play pen until complete and have his Mommy or Daddy check it over every night and have it corrected before tutoring sessions the next morning.
  • Mason is allowed to carry on with certain teenage aspects of his life -- sports, friends but during these outings he is diapered and expected to follow his curfew and other pre-established rules.


  1. wow! in diapers 24/7 do u even change him with lotions, cream and powder and in public..

  2. I am sorry but all this does seem little harsh and way over the line... )) that is just my opinion.. Ur keeping him in diapers till he graduates.. You do realize that he will need diapers 24/7 now cause ur causing him to lose control completely.. and the regression and such is gonna stunt his growth and his brain.. You might as well just sign off the rest of ur lives to taking care of ur son.. Cause that is what you have signed up for... )) Sorry but all that is my cents... If u do not like them.. then throw them out...But if u do ignore this msg.. it shows u have no Love or Feelings For Your Son As a Human Being!!

  3. I read your blog about your son. DD is abuse. U need to stop attacking your son with DD. theres no reason acceptable for DD. it just makes depression and mind disorder. Your son is not a baby. I heard of teens on DD who were so depressed and sad and emotionaly falling apart commiting suicide. U will get arrested for DD. your son will sometime pick up the phone and dial 911 and have you arrested. DD is the same as child abuse. So send your son to Substatary school and a drug treatment center. That will help get him back on track. Don't use DD!! That will be his ruin and your jail sentance.

  4. would you like to be diapered. your son could diaper you if he wanted to. you r satanists. go to hell! faggots!

  5. I am going to find out who you people are (and yes, that is fairly easy to do), and have you arrested for child abuse.

  6. Well i think that Mason is a very lucky boy having parents who are so concerned about him. Although my Mummy does not make me wear a diaper/nappy, she DOES treat me as alittle boy. She decides my bedime for example (usually about 9 o'clock) and she dresses me as a small boy, which i love. My best time of day is my bath time when Mummy makes sure that i am clean but we also use the time to chat and play