Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Healthy baby

Today I took Mason to the doctor so the doctor could check his catheter. Mason has had the cath in for quite a while now and it was time for the check up to make sure everything was okay. Mason has it because he kept getting bladder infections and this was the only way to prevent them.

Mason squirmed on the exam table as the doctor untaped his diaper and remarked it was probably pretty cold. The doctor checked Mason over and I re-diapered Mason and got him dressed she said everything looked good and that we should leave it in for a while longer before getting him back into big boy underwear.

Little does she know that won't happen for a while, even after he gets the cath out.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Walmart Tantrum

This evening I took the baby to WalMart for a few things, while Shane stayed behind and did his chores.

Mason stuck close to the car for the beginning. We went and picked up a few groceries and looked at the toys but Mason began to turn sulky as I stocked up on jars of baby food and pampers. When we rounded the corner I asked if he wanted to pick out a new baby toy and he began to get an attitude. Without warning, I removed the paci form my purse and clipped it onto his shirt, I told him if he kept it up, I would put it in his mouth for everyone to see. This kept him behaved until we got to the check out and I wanted him to

Without saying a word, I popped Mason's pacifier into his mouth. I expected him to protest but instead, Mason stood, pouting and sucking on his pacifier while the lady behind us watched him. I took Mason by the arm and pulled him closer to me and Mason started to throw a tantrum. I held him by the arm and pulled down his pants and spanked him on the diapered butt, right there in the line with the lady behind us and the clerk watching. Mason cried and carried on while the lady scanned our groceries.

I fastened Mason into his car seat and by that time he had stopped crying a bit. I didn't say anything as I loaded the groceries into the car and drove home.

When we got home, I took Mason out of his car seat and lead him inside by the arm. to the couch where I pulled him over my knee and pulled his diaper down and gave him a sever spanking and lectured him about his behaviour. I then had him stand in the corner, his pacifier in his mouth, bare bum facing outwards for fifteen minutes before I diapered him and placed him in his crib with a bottle.

He was in bed by 7 o'clock :) 

Mason the soccer star..

Shane and I have decided to allow Mason to play soccer this year, he has been a doing job at keeping up his grades so this is a reward. He does however, have to remain in diapers, he's not happy about this, he keeps begging to be allowed to wear pull ups instead but we have said no.
Last night was the first night of soccer for Mason so after feeding him supper and breastfeeding him I took him to his room and changed his diaper and dressed him in his soccer uniform. He looked adorable. 

He seemed satisfied that his diaper wasn't too noticeable. I packed his diaper bag and we said goodbye to Daddy.
I lead him to the car by the hand, his diaper crinkling 00 the soccer shorts don't muffle much. I and strapped him into his car seat. I put his pacifier in his mouth and I drove him to soccer practice. He was very fidgety in the car and kept trying to take out his pacifier. I told him if he did, he wouldn't be playing soccer at all and he left it in. When we got to the field I took his pacifier out and put it in my purse and I got him out of his car seat.

He went and joined his team mates and I stayed to watch the practice. It lasted until 9:30, which is later than Mason's usual bedtime so he was getting tired at the end. He did very well though, I think he'll have fun playing soccer this summer.

When it was over I strapped him back into his car seat, before I did, I took his shorts and shirt off and put him in a onsie, I Had a feeling my baby was going to be asleep before we got home and I didn't want to disturb him if that as the case. Instead of a paci I gave him a bottle for the drive home.

Sure enough, when I got home I noticed he was fast asleep, he hadn't even finished his bottle so I carried him into the house and put our little soccer star in his crib. He slept right through the night, messy diaper and all. 


My 16 year old son mason is currently under something called diaper discipline (DD).

His father and I have used DD on Mason throughout his life, usually for a month or two at a time time help curb his behaviour and keep his grades up but after a significant run in with the law, doing drugs and letting his grades slip, my husband and I decided to keep Mason in diapers, until graduating from high school.

Mason has been in diapers and under regression discipline for the past year and a half and still adjusting to what that all entails. His father and I have established general rules for him to follow, some of them are as follows:

  • Mason is expected to use his diapers for all intended purposes. His father or I will change him when we are able to or when we feel he needs it. He may not remove his own diapers at any time. 
  • His bed time is a 8 p.m. unless another arrangement has been made. Sometimes we allow him to stay up later if his behaviour has warranted it or other things keep us out later than his bed time. 
  • Only one hour of TV a day. Mason is to occupy himself with his toys and work on his school work throughout the day and keep busy with activities planned by the babysitter. 
  • Because Mason cannot be trusted to supervise himself without getting into trouble, he must be under supervision at all times by either a relative or a baby sitter. 

Because Mason is in diapers for an extended period of time, we tutor him at home. This means he is able to learn around our schedule and life and at his own pace successfully. He should be graduated high school and going into college in three more years.
  • Tutoring is to be done at the kitchen table with supervision. Homework is to be done in his play pen until complete and have his Mommy or Daddy check it over every night and have it corrected before tutoring sessions the next morning.
  • Mason is allowed to carry on with certain teenage aspects of his life -- sports, friends but during these outings he is diapered and expected to follow his curfew and other pre-established rules.